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... Rather than being dangerous, conflict holds within it vital messages regarding unmet needs and areas of necessary change. Given this understanding, safety is increased not by avoiding conflict, but by moving toward it with the intention of hearing the messages within...
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Lisbeth Salender is the ultimate underdog, abused, abandoned, disenfranchised, and waif-like in appearance. And we love her, not despite her anger and violent potential, but because of it. Her anger is righteous. Her violence, apparently justified... But what are the costs to Lisbeth – and to society at large – for this violent brand of vigilante justice? And, given the exact circumstances at hand, was there anything she might have done instead that would have served both her and society better?

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Thousands of people around the world responded to SMITH Magazine's call for six-word memoirs. Following up on the smashing success of the New York Times bestseller Not Quite What I Was Planning, here are more memoirs from Sarah Silverman, Junot Diaz, Neil Patrick Harris, Suze Orman, Gay Talese, Tony Hawk, Amy Tan—and hundreds of never-before-published writers.

Can you find my 6-word memoir within the pages of this little volume?

It All Changed in an Instant: More Six Word Memoirs from Writers Famous and Obscure

Elaine: ... This is an unusual situation... They need a report with a psychological diagnosis and treatment recommendations for House by tomorrow afternoon. They sent over a chart.
Mikhail: A psychological diagnosis for a house?
Elaine: Not for a house, for Greg House. He’s the main character of a television show called House M.D., a kind of medical Sherlock Holmes specializing in infectious disease and . . . [looks at notes] nephrology who solves medical cases that no one else can figure out. 
Mikhail: ...How are we supposed to diagnose a TV character we can’t even interview, much less formally assess, not to mention that I haven’t actually seen a single episode?

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