Redwoods Prayer

Recently, I spent some time among the California Redwoods at a beautiful Quaker Retreat Center. I came to the forest to meditate on "how I can increase my capacity". I listened to the trees. This prayer-poem, which came through me (not from me), was their surprising (to me) answer.

Photo by coralmoore on Flickr

Redwoods Prayer

Oh Mother Earth
With your Fullness you bless
Let me be empty.
Let me be less.

Show me a glimpse,
but not the whole view.
Show me the edge
of living anew.

Show me a glimpse,
then leave me to brood.
Give me enough
not to feel understood.

Show me the fire
that burns far away;
let me carry my spark,
let me wander all day.

Show me the way,
but don't follow me there.
Show me your arms,
but don't show me your care.

Show me the way,
but don't teach me the word.
Show me my way
so I won't be deterred.

Show me my truth,
which is already there.
Strip me of wants,
let me come to you bare.

Show me my core,
and the courage to shed
all the skin that's around it,
all the cells that are dead.

Oh Mother Earth
with your Fullness you bless.
Let me be empty.
Let me be less.